Why Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds Share the Same Coat

Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds

An Overview of the Bernese Mountain Dog & Australian Shepherd Mix

This beguiling crossbreed combines the Bernese Mountain Dog’s robustness and the Australian Shepherd’s agility. The result is a versatile, medium-to-large-size dog that reflects the resilience of its parent breeds – the Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds. Known for their generous nature, these dogs showcase a striking balance of endurance, obedience, and affection.

The Origins of Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd

Contrary to its name, the Australian Shepherd (Aussie) did not originate in Australia but in the United States. This breed, a part of the **Bernese Mountain Dog & Australian Shepherd** family, was developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to herd livestock on American ranches. Some believe the name ‘Australian’ came from the breed’s Basque shepherd ancestors, who migrated from Australia to the United States.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog, or Berner, hails from Switzerland and was primarily a farm dog used for driving cattle and protecting the homestead. Named after the Swiss canton of Bern, they are one of four related Swiss Mountain Dogs.

The Looks of Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd

The Aussie is medium-sized, agile, and athletic. One of their most striking features is their varied eye colors – they can have blue eyes, brown eyes, or a combination of both! Their coats are thick and somewhat wavy, protecting them from weather conditions.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Berner is a large, sturdy working dog. They have a dense double coat, perfect for cold weather, and are famous for their black, rust, and white tri-color pattern. Their eyes are always dark brown and convey a sense of intelligence and gentleness.

The Mystery of the Tri-Color Pattern in Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds

Now, let’s address that intriguing question: “Why do black tri-color Australian Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs have an almost identical color pattern?” This question puzzled me until I delved a little deeper into the genetics of Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds.

Both breeds carry the ‘Agouti’ or ‘A’ gene series, which affects the distribution of black pigment. The tri-color coat pattern (black, white, and tan) results from the ‘At’ allele in the Agouti gene series. When both breeds inherited this gene, they ended up with similar coloring. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Temperament and Behavior of Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd

Aussies are intelligent, versatile, and energetic. They have a strong instinct to herd, and if they don’t have livestock to keep them busy, they’ll herd your children, cat, or even you!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Berners are known for their calm and good-natured temperament. They are very loyal and love being part of the family activities. My Berner, Bella, loves nothing more than sprawling at my feet while I’m working at my desk.

Training and Exercise for Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds

Both breeds are intelligent and need plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise. However, while Aussies require vigorous daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy, Berners, despite their size, are a bit more laid back. Regular moderate exercise will suffice.

Health Concerns in Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds

While both breeds can be generally healthy, they have specific breed-related health concerns. Regular check-ups and staying informed about these issues can help ensure your pet’s long, healthy life.

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Choosing between an Australian Shepherd and a Bernese Mountain Dog depends on personal preference and lifestyle. The Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds breeds are intelligent, loyal, and make fantastic companions. If you lead an active lifestyle and want a high-energy companion, an Aussie may be the way to go. If you’re looking for a gentle, loving, and somewhat relaxed pet, a Berner might be your perfect match.

Either way, both breeds, the Bernese Mountain Dogs & Australian Shepherds, will likely add joy and companionship to your life, just as Jack and Bella have enriched mine. Remember, regardless of breed, every dog deserves a loving home where they are properly cared for and cherished. Happy pet parenting!


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